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Hi, I'm Sol.

Art Director. Teacher. Tiger. Roarrr.

Mix & Match. Me.

Art Director with a specialization in Editorial. I worked in different companies until 2008 when I founded a graphic design studio that worked remotely, gathering teams from different disciplines in order to accomplish each project. We had more than 100 clients in 20 different countries, each one with its particularity and needs. But, curiosity always finds the way to embarks us on new adventures and that’s when I decided to take the risk and continue my career on another path.

I currently work as a graphic designer in the Consumer Innovation department at Belcorp, an international multi-brand in beauty and style.

I’ve always been a fan of education in all of its forms, so I’m always learning something new. Recently, I completed an Adobe Photoshop Certification in Beauty, Skin & Makeup, a specialization in Cultural Management and some other workshops such as Watercolor painting, paper collage, and digital photography. In this same way, I dedicate myself to teach Typography and Editorial Design in the graphic design career at ISIL.

Monthly, I host Jessica Walsh’s Ladies, Wine & Design in Lima, which is a space to mentorship and championing others’ work and start giving more visibility to female talent. The main idea is for us to impulse the creative industry to have more women in the leading roles, close the gender gap, and create a community where everyone can find what they are looking for.